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     Dial Around Basics

Two choices when making phone calls from USA:
1) Direct Dial.  A customer dials 1-(xxx)-xxxx-xxx for any US number or dials 011-country-code-and-number for international calls.  When you Direct Dial a call will be handled by your pre-selected carrier (your default phone company like AT&T, MCI, SBC etc).
2) Dial Around.  A customer dials a dial around number first (such as 10-10-xxx) to choose an independent phone company and then 1-(xxx)-xxxx-xxx for any US number or  011-country-code-and-number for international calls.  

How Do Dial-Around Services Work?

Examples of Dial-Around:

Most customers have a primary carrier that handles long distance. This may be one of tier-1 carriers (MCI, SPRINT, AT&T) or one of the many other smaller players in industry. When a customer dials 1+AreaCode+Number, a primary carrier handles the call. However, there is a way to bypass our primary carrier by telling a local switchboard to route a call through another long distance provider. In other words, we can "dial around" our primary long distance carrier. By dialing a "dialaround" access code before entering 1+AreaCode+Number, you effectively route that call through another phone company. The charges may show up as a separate section on your normal phone bill, may come as a separate bill.

Based on this definition, dial-around service actually applies to programs beyond just the 10-10XXX access numbers. Providers which allow you to access their network through a toll free number are also effectively dial-around services as they circumvent your primary long distance carrier. Calling cards are also another form of dial-around service. Most customers pre-select one of the major long distance carriers like MCI, AT&T or Sprint and use them for all long distance calls.

More sophisticated customers pre-select a major carrier but use dial-around for longer international or state-to-state calls. Savings can go anywhere from 30% to 80% depending on destinations.  You can use one or more dial around numbers.  Its like if you were buying groceries. You can go to one store and buy everything there, or you can go to 2-3 stores and buy selectively based on the best prices.  The same with dial around. You may make some calls on your default carrier, some on one dial-around number, some on another dial-around number.

1) Tel3

Tel3 provides low cost dial around for US and international destinations with pin-less dialing (pin-less dialing is a preferable way to call from your residential or cellular phone).  Tel3 runs a promotion up to 473 free minutes given to new customers. One of the best sellers in 2009. Tel3 international rates