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How to dial to Denmark

Denmark Country Code +45


Calling from the U.S.A./Canada

Calling from another European country

011 + 45 + Local Number

00 + 45 + Local Number

Calling cards:
Dial around: Nobelcom
Best deals: Denmark low rates (from 1.2 c/min)

Calls to Denmark from North America, dial 011 + 45 + the 8-digit local number.


Calls to North America from Denmark, dial 00 + 1 + the area code and local number.


Major North American calling cards (Nobelcom, AT&T, MCI) can be used in Denmark.


For AT&T Direct, dial 8001 0010.  For operator-placed international calls, including collect calls, dial 115. There is a fairly large service charge.


Emergencies: In case of fire, or to call police or ambulance, dial 112.


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