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Best phone rates within North America


#1 recommendation - Nobelcom - no taxes, no fees, no minimums. 
Special : Get up to 473
Nobelcom free minutes.  3.9¢ per minute state-to-state USA

• Works from both landline and cellular
• 24/7 Customer Support
• on-line call record details
• more info  Nobelcom

2.0¢ to Canada Beijing Paris Frankfurt Hong Kong Singapore

2.5¢ to Sydney Vienna China Santiago Oslo Warsaw Moscow

3.0¢ to Australia Austria Belgium Rio Chile Germany France

3.0¢ to Greece Ireland Israel Italy Poland Seoul Spain


#2 recommendation - PowerDial - no contracts, no fees, no minimums.  
3.9¢ per minute state-to-state USA

• 1-888-3030-730 toll free access
• Works from landline and cellular
• 24/7 Customer Support
• more info  PowerDial

5.9¢ to Antwerp Auckland Belize City Brussels Buenos Aires

5.9¢ to Barcelona Dublin Madrid Milan Rome Seoul Vienna

6.9¢ to Geneva  Kuala Lumpur  Rio De Janeiro  Sao Paulo 

7.9¢ to Lima Lisbon  Mexico City  Mendoza Monterrey Tokyo